Are you just getting started with your 21 Day Fix program?  Are you confused about meal planning and don’t know where to start?  Take a look at some of my helpful documents!

I started the 21 Day Fix plan in January 2015 and realized that I needed to do some meal planning.  I actually really like planning things, so I was excited to try this new concept (well, new to me anyway!)

I quickly became very overwhelmed!

I decided to compile a few resources here, in the hopes that they help others get started off right.

The first thing I’m sharing are three documents that really help me stay organized as I’m meal planning.

The first document can be printed in color, laminated, and used each day to keep track of your containers as you use them.  The sheet was created to be used with any of the calorie brackets, so just cross off any containers you’re not using.


The second document will help you as you write your weekly grocery list, so you can make sure you’re getting ingredients for each of your containers.


The third document will be printed each week to write out your weekly meal plan.  You can also cross off the color containers you used for that meal.


Please click on this link to access the three 21 Day Fix planning documents.

21 Day Fix Tracker and Meal Planner

The next document I want to share is a compilation of meal plans that I’ve found from scouring the Internet for HOURS!

*Disclaimer:  I did not create all of these meal plans.  Most coaches who created them have their information on their document and I did not remove that from the documents.*

I find it really helpful to look at other meal plans to get ideas for my own weekly menu.

Please click on this link to access dozens of meal plan examples.

Sample 21 Day Fix Meal Plans

I hope you find some of these documents helpful!

I’d love to hear feedback in the comments below!