As an online fitness & nutrition coach, I talk to lots of people who struggle to drink enough water.  Most people are walking around dehydrated and don’t even realize it!  Do you know all the amazing health benefits of drinking water?!  It can affect your mood, energy, weight, skin, digestion, and endless other things!  I assume most of you already know this, though, right?  😉

We’ve all heard that we’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but that can look different for lots of different people.  There’s actually a better way to figure out how much water you’re supposed to drink each day.  Take your weight and divide it by 2-that’s how many ounces of water you should drink a day.

Personally, I love drinking ice cold water, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (get it?…see what I did there?)  So I decided to run a 5 Day Hydrate Challenge in a closed Facebook group.  In the group, I shared 5 infused water recipes as well as tips and facts about hydration.  I’ve run many Facebook groups before but this was by far my most active and energetic group.  Quite a few people even lost weight, some as much as 5-6 lbs!

Just listen to some of these testimonials:

“You’re very inspiring. I’ve been on a journey for healthier lifestyle. Didn’t realize I wasn’t getting enough hydration. Thank you for the recipes and tips. I really enjoyed them.”  Teresa


“After these past 5 days it has become so much easier getting in my daily amount of water. Thank you, Lisa. It has been very educational and helpful.”  Winnie


“Kiddos see everything. I usually put some flavor in Liam’s water because he has sensory oral texture issues and plain water will sometimes make him gag. He wanted to try my water this morning and asked me to dump his out and put a strawberry in his water. He’s already asked for an apple in tomorrow’s water!”  Tori


“I loved how I could talk with you and was able to ask you certain questions and got a quick answer.”


“I just want to say that I appreciate all of your recipes and tips! Thank you so much!”  Kim


“Crazy day – so glad I have this Delish hydration to keep me going! And yesterday, my boss saw my water and tried it and loved it so today, I brought him fruit and mint for his own water.”  Carlee


“I feel great!! I have energy, I’m not binge eating, I sleep better, my mood is better, and my eyes are no longer bloodshed.”


So now aren’t you pumped up to get hydrated?!  Well, you should be.

Now you get to scroll down and see all 5 of my recipes as well as my 5 days worth of tips and facts.  I also compiled all of these into a PDF file so you can print off the recipes.


5 Day Hydrate Challenge Recipes

5 Day Hydrate Challenge Facts & Tips


I’d love for you to comment on this blog post with your thoughts on the recipes and let us all know how you feel after 5 days!