I LOVE having eggs for breakfast because they’re a great source of protein.  I also love adding veggies to my eggs because I have a hard time getting in all the recommended servings of vegetables each day.

 Well, being a teacher and needing to get my two children and me out of the house by 7 am during the week, I just don’t have time to chop vegetables and make the eggs that I love.  So I spend time on the weekend making a simple egg bake that I can portion out to eat during the week!  This recipe is awesome because it’s SO versatile.  I change it up each week by adding different veggies, different seasonings and/or different types of cheese.

 This recipe evolved from Egg Muffins.  Those cute little things are all over Pinterest.  I used to portion out my eggs and veggies into a muffin tin and they were ADORABLE and very easy to heat up and go.  But….no matter how much I sprayed the muffin tin with cooking spray, I was still scrubbing that pan each week and I got tired of it.  So my Egg Casserole was created.

 Knowing that 2 eggs is one serving of protein, I start by mixing up my eggs.  This week, I’m only going to have this for breakfast 4 days so I used 8 eggs.


I decided to take a Southwestern direction this week and use Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime Seasoning in my eggs.

 Since I follow the 21 Day Fix program and use the portion control containers, I measure my vegetables that way.  I used 1 green container of diced onions and 1 green container of diced multi-colored peppers.

(By the way, if you don’t know about the 21 Day Fix program, shoot me an email or comment below and I can give you more information!)




I decided not to add cheese to this but if I did, some shredded cheddar would be DELISH.

 Now all I do is pour it all into a small glass baking dish that I’ve sprayed with coconut oil spray.  If you don’t have a small baking dish, you could also use a pie pan.

 I pre-heat my oven to 400 degrees and bake the egg casserole for about 40 minutes.  To see if it’s finished cooking, insert a butter knife to the center—if it comes out clean, the eggs are cooked.  If it doesn’t come out clean, put it back in the oven for 5 more minutes and check it again.  All ovens are different, so your baking time may be slightly different than mine.

 Once it’s cool, I divide it into my portions.


 Here are some other yummy combinations I’ve done with my egg casseroles:

 Eggs with diced tomatoes, olives, and feta seasoned with oregano

Eggs with zucchini, mushrooms, onion, and goat cheese seasoned with dill

Comment below some combinations you think would be good.  I’d love to try some different variations of this!