It was 6:30 on Friday night.

We had eaten dinner and my husband and I were lounging on the couch while our daughters were entertaining themselves.

Then our older daughter comes over to us with a board game and asks if we can have a Family Game Night.

My husband and I looked at each other.

We had both worked a long week, we were tired, and all we wanted to do was veg out on the couch. Honestly, at first, we said no.

So our daughter sat there on the floor looking so sad and disappointed.  Why were we saying “no” to our daughter wanting to spend time as a family?! 

A big smile spread across her face when we told her we could all play a game together.  She then started to show us the game she wanted to play—it was called Selfie and the game required everyone to make selfies.  Well…my husband quickly vetoed that game! 

She ran upstairs and came back down with Candyland, knowing that her younger sister could play it too.

(she’s such a thoughtful big sister!)



We sat on the floor together and had a fun time as a family playing a simple game.  Our younger daughter was even able to work on her counting and colors (we also realized we need to continue to work on those skills.) 

Overall, it was a really great reminder to us adults that it doesn’t take much to find the time and effort to spend time as a family.  Our kids don’t need expensive gadgets.  We don’t need to go out to restaurants or constantly have play dates.  We can simply CHOOSE to make the time to spend together as a family.

I love when our children, unknowingly, teach us really important life-lessons. J