During the week, it’s hard to find time to make well-rounded, healthy breakfasts.  I usually drink my Shakeology for breakfast and my kiddos usually have something quick, like cereal.

I am a HUGE fan of breakfast food, though, so I love weekends when we can have a big breakfast together!  This Sunday morning breakfast is a perfect example of the “Healthy Balance” I strive to create in our house.

On the menu this morning:  scrambled eggs, low-nitrate turkey bacon, hash browns, cinnamon rolls, oranges, and bananas.


Who ate what:

Mommy—scrambled eggs with spinach and cheddar cheese, hash browns, and an orange


Daughter #1- cinnamon roll, turkey bacon, orange, and banana (she’s my picky eater!)

Daughter #2- cinnamon roll, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, orange, and banana

By having all of the food out on the counter, the girls were able to make their own choices.  I had a mixture of healthy foods and special foods (we hardly ever have cinnamon rolls, so they were SUPER excited about that).  I also let them help frost the cinnamon rolls and scramble the eggs.  Getting kids involved in the kitchen as well as letting them make some food choices gives them ownership and teaches them that eating healthy can be fun and delicious!