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3 Tips to Improve Blood Flow to Your Penis

According to statistics, approximately 40 percent of men suffer from Erectile dysfunction by forty years of age. This makes difficulties in getting an erection greater than people believe.

In terms of physiology healthy erections and a healthy sexual lifestyle all are focused on blood flow. If blood can easily flow through the erectile tissues of your penis, in the event that no other issues exist then you’ll find it more easy to have an erection when sexually stimulated.

If the flow of blood is limited because of an illness, habit , or something you’ve eaten or drank, you’ll experience it harder to obtain an sexual erection. In the event that your blood circulation is extremely restricted, you may not be able to achieve an erection.

If you’re worried about your sexual health and are looking to do something about it or improve your overall health by enhancing the flow of blood around your penis can yield huge dividends in your sexual experience.

Below, we’ve provided various scientifically-backed suggestions and techniques you can apply to boost the circulation to the penis. We’ve attempted to cover every aspect including simple adjustments you can implement in your diet, the FDA-approved medication, healthy habits and much more.

Eating Habits for Blood Flow

The food you eat could influence the flow of blood. Choose a nutritious diet full of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients and you’ll be able to improve blood flow and other vital indicators of health. If you eat poorly, you could see the loss of blood flow.

If you’re interested in improving the flow of blood around your penis (and everywhere else in your body) You can try adding these foods to your diet:

  • Cinnamon. Cinnamon has been believed to improve the health of the heart. In a review of research findings the researchers discovered that cinnamaldehyde as well as cinnamic two of the most important organic compounds found in cinnamon are able to produce nitric oxide and decrease blood pressure (these studies were conducted on animals).
  • Garlic. Garlic is believed to trigger an improvement the flow of blood. In a study of three months of patients suffering from coronary artery disease discovered that eating garlic regularly can improve endothelial function by assisting in relaxing the arteries and improve blood circulation all over the body.
  • Fish that are rich in omega-3 fats. Fish that are abundant with omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, are both excellent for blood flow as well as excellent source of protein. Although evidence of their impact on overall cardiovascular health needs further study however, omega-3 fatty acids offer a number of health benefits. These include the reduction of blood pressure that is resting.
  • Onions. Onions are a great source of flavonoid antioxidants. They may help dilate your arteries and enhance overall cardiovascular wellness. In a 2013 study of healthy males Researchers found eating a regular amount of onion extract may help improve heart health.
  • Citrus fruits. Grapefruits, grapefruits, lemons and other citrus fruits have huge quantities of flavonoids that are associated with improved circulation and heart health.
    If you are taking Viagra or any other ED drugs, it’s best to remove grapefruit from the above list, since both grapefruits and their juice could increase the blood levels of ED drugs in your body.
  • Dark chocolate. Similar to citrus fruits and onions, chocolate that has an extremely high cacao percentage is a great source of flavonoids which could improve heart function. Choose dark chocolate that has the highest cacao percentage (at minimum 70 percent) which will be most efficient in increasing blood circulation.
  • Nitrate-rich vegetables. Certain types of vegetables, including beets and spinach, as well as collard greens are high in Nitrates. They are converted into Nitric Oxide by your body, which improves circulation throughout the body and may improve the health of your heart.
  • Nuts. Certain nuts, like almonds and walnuts are high in minerals such as magnesium and iron, which can boost blood flow and improve heart health. They also contain vitamins B, A C and E.
  • The red hot pepper. The red hot peppers- and more specifically, the capaicin these peppers can improve blood flow. Research on capsaicinoids has shown that it improves blood flow.
    Researchers have discovered that they can help boost blood flow to healthy levels by stimulating the release the nitric oxide (among other ways that work).
  • Turmeric. Like red hot peppers turmeric has been linked to increased blood flow. In a study conducted in 2017 of curcumin, a chemical found in turmeric in healthy men of middle age and older and postmenopausal women discovered that regular use of turmeric improves circulation by substantial amount.

While focusing on the foods that boost blood flow, as mentioned above, it’s crucial to stay clear of foods that could cause harm to the flow of blood. Be sure to limit the consumption of the following food items:

  • Salt. Foods with salt can increase the amount of sodium that is present in the bloodstream. This could result in your blood pressure rise. This could cause damage to the blood vessels that supply blood to your penis. This can result in hindering your ability to have an erection as well as perform sexually.
    Although a certain amount salt is required to maintain the best well-being (the AHA recommends a maximum of 2,300mg sodium daily) it’s essential to limit your intake of food items that are high in salt if you’re worried about your blood flow or sexual performance.
  • Sugar. Although sugar isn’t directly affecting blood pressure the same way as salt does but excessive consumption of sugar can increase the risk of developing diabetes, which can cause damage to the flow of blood in your body and drastically increase your chances of being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.
  • Trans fats. Trans fats are among the most harmful type of fat in the diet, which has no health benefits, and a myriad of adverse cardiovascular effects (particularly with regard to LDL cholesterol). This information by Harvard Medical School goes into more details about why they’re recommended to avoid.

It is also essential to drink enough water. The majority of blood is made of water. Therefore, it’s most efficient when you consume a regular amount of fluids that help hydrate. If you’re dehydrated, there’s less blood that can travel throughout your body to tissues, organs, and muscles like the penis.

Although there’s no perfect amount of water that everyone needs to drink each day, the eight-by-8 rule of eight glasses that weigh eight inches each is a great to follow. If you’re very active or on hot, you might want to consider having an additional one or more glasses.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Although there’s no reason to worry about the amount of body fat you’ve got or weigh yourself each day it’s essential to keep the right weight to have the best blood circulation in general, cardiovascular health, and sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction and obesity are closely connected to erectile dysfunction, with males who are obese or overweight more likely than the average to have a few sexual performance problems.

Although obesity isn’t the sole reason for ED however, it is connected to diabetes, hypertension and other health conditions that increase your chance of developing erectile dysfunction. These are other factors that could hinder blood flow, preventing blood from flowing properly into your penis.

There are other sexual issues that can be attributed to obesity for instance, the chance of developing testosterone levels that are lower that are higher than the norm. These issues make it essential to keep an appropriate weight level in case you’re worried about blood flow or overall sexual performance.

Start a Regular Exercise Routine

Exercise is among the most effective methods increase your heart health and improve blood flow, which includes the tissues in your penis which helps you achieve and keep an erection in sexual activity.

Regular exercise can result in lower blood pressure, while also promoting healthy blood flow and improving general health. This is why it’s essential to keep exercising regularly, even if you’re not worried about your sexual health.

In a scientific review from 2018 research team concluded the fact that resistance exercise (which includes weightlifting and calisthenics) as well as endurance training are efficient in decreasing blood pressure at the baseline. In the end, exercise regardless of form is an excellent way to increase the blood flow in your body. 

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