Diseases That Affect Women More than Men

Do you want to know which disease is more common in females? Then you’ve come to the right place! This blog article breaks down diseases that affect women more than men including heart disease, breast cancer, and vision problems. This article also discusses whether these diseases are more prevalent because of sexual activity or something else.

Presented diseases

Diseases that affect men more than women include heart disease, stroke and cancer. Some diseases that affect women more are depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Diseases that primarily affect women include arthritis, breast cancer and infertility.

Gender differences in disease severity

There are many diseases that affect women more than men. One such example is breast cancer. The gender difference in the rates of breast cancer diagnosis and mortality is large, with approximately 65% more women being diagnosed with a form of this disease than men. Another disease that seems to have a higher incidence in women is depression.

Risk factors for specific diseases

With the rise of lifestyle diseases, women are often affected more than men. Some of these include depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure. These diseases are also more prevalent in older women.

Treatment and prevention of various diseases

Women are more susceptible to certain diseases that affect their lives. This is largely because of the way their bodies function differently from men. The following are some of the diseases that affect women more than men:


The diseases that affect women more than men are cancer, heart disease, depression, kidney stones and osteoporosis. These diseases make up over eighty percent of the causes of death in women. It is important to take care of your health because these diseases are preventable if they are caught early enough.