Formal summer headwear- Try boater hats to look distinct

Summer is incomplete without straw hats. Different categories of straw hats crop up now and then. If you are a fashion-forward individual, you must have heard about different types of headwear with a distinct appeal. Of all these options, straw boater hats are the most typical choice for those who want retro appeal with a contemporary touch.


The stiff straw hat with a flat crown and natural color is the typical option for individuals who want something unique and attractive. The finished headwear with a slightly elliptical shape and a flat brim is just the right option for individuals who want something simple and elegant.

Across the globe, boater hats have gained immense popularity because of their versatile appeal and functionality. Boater hats typically feature a striped or solid ribbon around the crown.

Speaking terminology, boater hats are called basher, Senate hats, and skimmer.


Sneak peek into boater hat evolution. 

Interestingly, boater hats were popular among children and women in the early 1860s. However, it entered the men’s wardrobe around 20 years later. Like fedora hats, boater hats were originally famous among women, and then they slowly made their way into the other section. After it got accepted in the men’s closet, it quickly gained popularity as formal summer headwear.


Its period of popularity was from the late 19 century to the early 20th century. Quickly, it emerged as an everyday summer headwear noticed in sailing and boating activities. Hence, it was not only popular among the aristocratic section but also the ordinary people. Boater headwear is available in different varieties in terms of size, shape, appearance, and pattern. Since its inception, it has been seen in various movies and featured in many theatrical shows. It has developed a reputation as stylish and enigmatic headwear suitable for formal and informal occasions.


Since the 1950s, boater hats have become a significant part of the uniform. If you look at various universities across the globe, you will see their uniform having boater hats as a critical part. Along with this, you have notable wearers of boater hats, including entrepreneurs and political leaders. Even fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts have taken an interest in this category of boater hats, gaining popularity in the early 20th century.


Where does the boater hat stand today? 

Unfortunately, boater hats have endured a slight downturn in their popularity. Although they still exist in the fashion industry, they have stiff competition. You have fedora hats, Panama hats, and trucker caps entering the competition. These headways are also known for their striking appeal and functionality. In musical performances and theatricals, boater hats became popular in different areas. Hats have emerged as a standard feature and an epitome of western culture. Boater hats come in multiple shows as a part of the uniform. Although it has stiff competition, it has still kept its place in the fashion industry.


How would you purchase a boater hat? 

Now, if you have decided that you want a boater hat for your event, the next question is, how will you buy it? There are various answers to this. First and foremost, you have different manufacturers helping you with several styles of boater hats. You can grab these from local stores as well as shopping malls. Along with this, there is a new trend. You can buy hats online. These days’ digital media has grabbed proper attention. You can grab the help of the Internet, compare different options from different websites, and then purchase the boater hat. Hence, everything is at the click of a button. It has made the shopping experience worthwhile.


How will you pull off your boater hat? 

These days, people are hesitant to wear conventional hat styles because they do not want to look out of place. The truth is that boater hats may be traditional attire, but they have a modern touch. Hence, there is no fear of looking out of place. Boater hats are available in different shapes, styles, and colors. Hence they are appropriate for different face shapes, head sizes, and personalities. Therefore, you must be confident to carry the boater hat and look appealing. You have to bear in mind a few basic guidelines that will help you pull off the boater hat of your choice.


One vital factor that people cannot leave out is fashion. Looking at the fashion industry, you will see that it is fast evolving. With every season, fashion changes. If you are a fashion-forward individual, you have to keep abreast of the new setting trend. As far as possible, you have to introduce unique features in your closet to keep yourself up to date. Whether unique sun hats or additional neck protection and high-class sunglasses, you must ensure that these are trendy. Hats can make you look classy and sophisticated in a fashion event.