• Cardiovascular and the Epic EMR

    Mining Cardiology Data to Improve Productivity and Optimize Patient Care

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous cardiology divisions were confronted with the overwhelming errand of supporting long term and short term imaging needs, while as yet tending to continuous patient security concerns. Holston Valley Medical Center, the lead emergency clinic of Ballad Health’s Northwest Market in Kingsport, Tennessee, is reliably evaluated as a top cardiovascular clinic. Their cardiology division had a genuinely steady pre-COVID volume of around 60 to 70 ongoing and short term examinations each day. Their ongoing volume is intently attached to the medical clinic registration, and when levels dropped in spring 2020 fully expecting a potential COVID-19 flood, reverberation volume diminished alongside it. Also read- https://www.strategicmarketresearch.com/market-report/radiofrequency-ablation-devices-market While long…