The 5 Foods to Avoid for Better Digestion

Digestion is a process that your body goes through to digest and break down food, transforming it into useable nutrients. Digestion takes place in the digestive tract which includes the stomach, the small intestine, and the large intestine. This article discusses five foods that can lead to digestion issues, and highlights five great choices for better digestion!

What Are The 5 Foods To Avoid?

For years, people have been told to avoid these 5 foods to improve their digestion. These foods are known to over-stimulate the gut and cause digestive issues.

The 5 Worst Foods to Eat

The 5 worst foods to eat include alcohol, sugar, processed foods and food with high levels of sodium. These foods are especially dangerous if they are consumed in large quantities because they overload the liver and cause too much stress on our digestive system.

What Happens When You Eat A Food That Is Bad For You

Everyone has certain foods that they like and foods that they avoid because of the way they make them feel. One cause of digestive discomfort is often because a food is difficult to digest. The 5 Foods to Avoid for Better Digestion are: 2) Dairy, 3) Bread, 4) Alcohol, 5) Popcorn

Smoothies for Digestion

When you have a stomachache, what do you reach for? You probably reach for some smoothies. Smoothies are great drinks that can help your body and give it energy. But did you know that some of the ingredients in smoothies are not so good for your digestion?


The 5 Foods to Avoid for Better Digestion includes a variety of tips and recipes that are intended to help your digestive system. The blog is divided into five sections: The Five Foods to Avoid, Bananas, Dairy Products, Soy Products, and Other Foods to Avoid.


The 5 Foods to Avoid for Better Digestion is a blog that discusses the side effects of the five foods that are known for causing digestive problems. This blog was created by a mom so that she can share some of her experiences and provide valuable information about what foods to avoid for better digestion.