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A Few Remedies to Get Rid of Oily Skin

However, when there is an overproduction of sebum. It can lead to oily skin which eventually results in clogged pores causing acne. Several factors can be reasons for this matter of which genetics, hormonal changes, and stress are some of them.

Sebaceous or oil glands on our skin’s surface are responsible for the oil production of our skin. They contain sebum which is a fatty oily substance that provides moisture to our skin as well as provides a shiny and healthy look to our hair.

Although it can be pretty difficult to manage oily skin, by following some remedies it can be controlled to a great extent. Read ahead to find out what they are.

Wash your face twice a day

No matter what type of skin you own, washing your face with a suitable cleanser is a necessary activity you need to follow daily. Likewise, if you are someone with oily skin, this has to be followed strictly.

For this purpose, you must use a mild cleanser that is appropriate for oily skin because harsh cleansers can increase oil production. Therefore, make sure they are non-comedogenic and do not clog pores with a balanced pH level.

In addition, some people tend to wash their face more than twice which needs to be avoided as well since this can lead to dryness of skin and once again results in more oil production.

Use a moisturizer

This is another important skincare that many people with oily skin skip. Moisturizing your skin is very important whether it be normal, dry, or even oily skin in this matter. You may have questions that moisturizers could increase the oiliness and clog pores, but this may not occur when you use the suitable one for oily skin.

Hence, look for an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer or moisturizer containing natural products such as aloe vera and almond oil.

Oily Skin
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Use facial masks

Facial masks are another popular skincare method followed by, especially women in recent times. On the other hand, some of you may not follow this due to a hectic schedule or other reasons.

If you are worried about the expenses that are incurred upon such skincare products. You can always opt for natural products that are easily available in your household.

Thus, for oily skin, you can make facial masks out of aloe vera, activated charcoal powder, honey, and egg whites which would remove all the oiliness and dirt from the surface of the skin. Remember to do a patch test before you proceed as some products may be allergic to you or make your skin worse though they are natural in existence.

Change your diet

No matter how much you wash your face and do the relevant skincare for your oily skin. You may not reap the required results you expect simply due to the type of diet you consume regularly.

So, minimize the consumption of dairy, fried, salty, and sugary products. As they can increase the production of sebum and lead to acne breakouts too. Instead, add fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens as well as oats and cereals to your diet.

Bottom line

Mentioned above are some simple ways in which you can gradually prevent your skin from producing excess oil. You can do some extra research regarding this concern and take care of your skin in the best way possible.