Having A Day Of Skin Pamper? Products You Need

Once in a while, we all need a day of absolute selfishness!

 Yes, this is the day in a week (preferably a weekend when there is no one to disturb you), and you just pamper your skin. It might look like you are putting too much effort, but it is something very relaxing.

 Some people swear by it!

 So, if this is your first time trying out this ‘day of pampering’ that everyone is talking about, then you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be talking about all the different kinds of skin care products that can help you with pampering.

 Plus, you will get an overall guide on how to use them properly.

Why You Need This Day

A skin-pampering day is when you just concentrate on rejuvenating your skin from the week’s stress and other environmental agents. It is preferably on a Sunday when you also choose to digital detox, put on some light music, and just relax.

 You need this day for the following reasons-

 – We cannot stress enough how relaxed and at peace you will be after the cleansing routine.

 – The facial ritual will make you sleepy, and you will have a good night’s sleep.

 – This is much needed if you commute to work every day and your skin is subjected to pollution and other environmental components; it will very much help you cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

 – It is time for yourself, and just yourself. Psychologists believe that this can also help you to take care of your mental health.

Products To Pamper Your Skin

With the right skincare products, you will feel the tranquility oozing out of you as they do wonders to your skin. Some people swear by these skincare products in UAE for their pampering days. However, the main category of products will remain the same; just the ingredients will change based on the type of skin and what you are planning to achieve.

1. Cleanser

The first thing of any skin care is to cleanse your face. This is like preparation for the products to come by. You strip all the dirt and oil which layers up on your skin.

2. Exfoliator

This is the next step in your skincare. The exfoliator will help you get rid of the dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin for more cell regeneration. 

3. Massaging Cream

The subtle glow is the product of good blood flow, so massage that skin right. This will increase the blood flow and make your skin look fresh.

4. Body Wash

Skincare doesn’t only cater to your face. It is your whole body, and from all that it has been through, your body needs some pampering as well.

5. Body Scrub

Unfortunately, there are dead skin cells in your body as well. The scrub will help you get rid of them, leaving you with soft skin.

6. Moisturizing Lotion

Your skin can feel a little dry after the scrubbing, so moisturizing lotion is to pack in the hydration back into the cells.

7. Face Pack

A face pack is not only relaxing, but the right kind can do wonders to your skin. It can suck up all the weekly exhaustion, leaving you with good glowing skin.

8. Face Sheet

This is not a must-have in your routine, but the extra relaxation and the good serum working on your skin don’t hurt!

9. Lip Scrub

Time to get rid of the dead skin cells for your lips as well!

10. Eye & Lip Mask

Again, not a must-have, but when you are going for the full pamper, why not!

11. Face serum

Once you are done with cleansing, it is time to pack moisture into your skin again with the products. Start with the face serum, do not run but lightly pat in the product.

12. Moisturizing Cream

Your moisturizer always comes after the serum. Remember that!

13. Eye Cream

You need to work on those dark circles and tired eyes as well when you are pampering your skin.

14. Lip Balm

Lastly, it is time to plump those lips. So, pamper your lips with some good lip balm.

Just Relax!

Once you are done with the entire routine, it is time for you to relax. Rather than straining your eyes, we would suggest you take a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.