Must Have Maternity Clothes Pre and Post Pregnancy

Going through the journey of pregnancy and becoming a new mom can be filled with excitement and care. Making sure you are comfortable during the process of it all is an important aspect. Since you anyway can no longer fit into your regular clothes, especially from the second trimester onwards, you anyway would require a wardrobe upgrade.

However, maternity clothes aren’t just during your trimesters, there are some that play an important role post pregnancy too. So, if you’re about to bring your bundle of joy into this world and looking to get your hands on the right set of clothing wear, below is a list of a few must-have maternity clothes that will help you both before and after.

Maternity Leggings

The best part about maternity leggings is that they can be beneficial for you from the first trimester till the last one or maybe even post pregnancy. Their elasticity and comfort allowing you to fit your shape as you grow. However, it is important you take quality and comfortable material over itchy and unbreathable fabrics.

Nursing Clothes

You are going to need a bunch of nursing clothes in hand in order to make your breastfeeding journey an easy, convenient, and safe process. Nursing clothes also tend to provide the necessary privacy you need when breastfeeding in public. Some of the nursing clothes you are going to need are nursing bras, nursing dresses, nursing t-shirts, tank-tops, etc.

Maternity Jeans

Jeans are casual wear we simply cannot go without. However, not every jean becomes comfortable to wear as you begin entering your second trimester onwards. So, grabbing your hands on a few maternity jeans that are built primarily to support your baby bump with ease can help you pull on the look your heart desires. However, many tend to find wearing jeans towards the end of time much less convenient.

Image Source: Pexels

Oversized T-shirts

Nothing says comfort like a good oversized t-shirt. They help avoid a sense of fitted tightness and are rather breezy and lightweight, qualities that you are going to need and look for in every maternity clothing wear. You can grab them in both long and short-sleeves as well as layer them as you wish. These oversized t-shirts can also come in handy when during your nursing period.

Maternity Poncho

A poncho is a layering piece that can be draped and the maternity version of this can be the hug you need! The most wonderful traits of a maternity poncho are the functionality that it provides. Not only can it be used pre-pregnancy but rather post-pregnancy too. You can even turn it into a strolled blanket if need be.

Easy Dresses

From summer dresses to maxis and evening wear, there are an endless amount of maternity clothes out there that allow you to dress up or down for different event scenarios. It highlights your pregnancy curves and keeps your looking fabulous all the same. Who says you can doll up during your pregnancy journey?

A few other items worth remembering are maternity underwear and cardigans or sweaters.