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    Must Have Maternity Clothes Pre and Post Pregnancy

    Going through the journey of pregnancy and becoming a new mom can be filled with excitement and care. Making sure you are comfortable during the process of it all is an important aspect. Since you anyway can no longer fit into your regular clothes, especially from the second trimester onwards, you anyway would require a wardrobe upgrade. However, maternity clothes aren’t just during your trimesters, there are some that play an important role post pregnancy too. So, if you’re about to bring your bundle of joy into this world and looking to get your hands on the right set of clothing wear, below is a list of a few must-have…

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    Most Common Complications During Pregnancy

    Most pregnancies aren’t that complicated at all. You’ll see a lot of pregnant women that seem to be fine during the pregnancy. However, there are some cases when health or pregnancy issues arise and cause a complication to the pregnancy – making it more dangerous or high risk. Pregnant women who are under this category need more frequent health and pregnancy monitoring than the others since it can cause them problems during the pregnancy such as early delivery. With regular visits to the doctor, it would be easier to detect these complications and treat them immediately. Here are some of the most common complications women face during pregnancy. Miscarriage The…