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    Math & Health – Impact and Importance

    Do you think only an apple will help you keep the doctor away? No, my friend – you need something more. Although astonishing Math is the key you are looking for. Yes, you read it right. Age-long researches say that maths does not only decide the fate of your report card but highly affects day-to-day human life, especially maths is really important for your both mental and physical health. Did it lessen your hatred for maths even a little bit? If not, I am sure the points below will. Listed down below are reasons that prove MATH IS GOOD FOR HEALTH – something most of us have denied all our…

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    Yoga Benefits Your Health in Great Ways

    Never underestimate the power of a workout session. Your workout regime can take any form. From walking to cycling to indulging in a session of yoga, each one of them is beneficial. A common misconception prevails that one should only work out if he is obese. However, it is not true. Everyone should exercise regardless of his weight as it will aid you in keeping healthy. I enjoy yoga. Here are all how it has been beneficial for me. Decreased Stress There was a time when I related my happiness and decreased stress levels to my Cox Cable Essential package. As it allowed me to drift away from the realities…