Math & Health – Impact and Importance

Do you think only an apple will help you keep the doctor away? No, my friend – you need something more. Although astonishing Math is the key you are looking for. Yes, you read it right. Age-long researches say that maths does not only decide the fate of your report card but highly affects day-to-day human life, especially maths is really important for your both mental and physical health.

Did it lessen your hatred for maths even a little bit? If not, I am sure the points below will.

Listed down below are reasons that prove MATH IS GOOD FOR HEALTH – something most of us have denied all our lives.

Let’s get started with –

Keeps your brain healthy

Maths help in better working of the brain. I am sure you have heard this several times, but do you know how? First, solving maths on a regular basis keeps your brain functional in all the right ways. It boosts your critical thinking, enhances observational skills.

Mathematicians believe and preach that solving maths train the cerebral functioning, keeps brain energised and healthy.

When we perform exercises, to improve our physical strength, we tend to give our body a little extra push beyond our comfort zone. Maths is that extra push to our brain. While solving maths, humans develop more neural connections which trains the brain to work more effectively during any challenging situation.

Maths is used in drug treatments

You will be enlightened to know that maths help medical experts understand how the human body reacts to different medical treatments.

For diseases like hypertension, diabetes medical experts use maths to find out how long a drug will stay effective in the human body. Moreover, mathematical ways are used to find out what exact amount of drug will be appropriate for effective treatment.

Apart from these, when drugs are in the developing phase mathematical calculations and modelling are used to check medical technicalities before testing them on conducting trials on living beings. Hence, math is playing a major role in deciding which drug will be effective for you and which would be deadly for you. Don’t you think that maths is saving you from massive medical repurcations?

Maths keeps away Alzheimer’s

Researches show that an active brain does not develop Alzheimer’s or dementia. And as said earlier, maths keeps your brain active and in a perfect working condition. Irrespective of the fact whether you are good at it or not, even trying to solve maths makes your brain agile.

Do you know something interesting? If you take math assignment help that’s beyond your current understanding, you engage your brain at a better rate. The central idea is to again step out of your comfort zone and really exercise the brain

Experts have proven that such exercises have helped patients with diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Maths helps Women’s Cycles

Simple math calculations help women keep a track of their menstrual cycle and gives them an opportunity to avoid any chances of pregnancy or any other complicated disease. They can even get medical consultancy on time to avoid further calculations.

Understanding simple cycles, an aspect of math, will help notice a missed period and detect menstrual bleeding that is not within the norm.

Maths helps in eating healthy

As absurd as it may sound, maths helps in cooking and following a good and balanced diet.

Think of when you are baking a cake. The correct amount of baking powder your pour, the amount of flour you mix is all your mental maths. From cooking various recipes to dividing equal quantities of food on every plate addition, subtraction, fractions and multiplication all help you in the kitchen.

Suppose you need to feed 8 people equal pieces of cake.  By cutting the cake into 1/9th (first in half, then half again, and finally, each quarter into halves) you have 9 even pieces leaving one for you!  See you worked out fractions!

Similarly, dietitians use these types of calculations to provide you with a diet chart that will be effective to improve your body functioning.

Math also helps people on special health diets to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. In many cases, people living with these health issues need to keep track of what they eat.  If they don’t calculate calories and the other food elements precisely, the consequences can vary from hazardous to lethal.

Maths helps gain confidence

See maths is something that demands a lot of patience. We all have experienced such instances when we have spent long hours finding the value of ‘x’ but did not succeed. Most of us gave up then and there and put maths on our red list.

But the students who tried beyond that point gained altogether a different confidence of trying the next time.  The constant repetition of similar incidents teaches youth to be patient and successfully induces self-confidence in them. thus, creating a huge positive impact on the mental health of the person.

When confused, unsure and low on self-confidence people often take rash decisions. Maths helps you to be not that person.

Final Thoughts,

Medical and nursing students study mathematics in their respective courses. It is so because math plays a huge role in ensuring optimum health of human being. However, irritating the subject may seem to you, realise it early that a lot of your day-to-day life depends on the subject. May be if you give a little extra effort in learning so, you will also be able to make a difference in regular human life.