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The Types Of Sutures Used For Different Surgeries

Sutures are form of fibers used to heal the wounds or lacerations of the human body. Different types of sutures are used to stitch an organ or area. The doctors use different types of suturing techniques for stitching the wounds depending upon the surgeries. They are sterile threads for repairing the wounds or cuts in the organ. When a patient is suffering from any serious disease or illness, the doctors perform surgeries to excise the polyp, tumor or unwanted growth. So, doctor makes an excision or a cut of the organ to remove unwanted growth. Then, the part that is cut should be stitched and hence the doctors make an incision. So, the suture manufacturers manufacture different types of sutures used to perform different types of surgeries.

Different types of sutures 

The different types of sutures used in surgeries are absorbable and non-absorbable. The types of absorbable sutures are polyglactin, polyglycolic, poliglecaprone, polydioxanone, plain catgut, etc. The surgeons also use non-absorbable sutures such as polypropylene sutures, virgin silk suture, polyester suture, nylon sutures, stainless steel suture, etc. The suture manufacturers manufacture the following absorbable sutures. 

Polyglycolic acid

The polyglycolic acid sutures are synthetic absorbable sutures used by the surgeons. Such sutures are known for tensile strength, absorption, inertness, and can be handled easily. It is a violet colored fiber consisting of polyglycolic acid of 100/%. It does not cause any tissue reaction. The needle used for the type of suture is cutting edge, straight, round bodied, blunt point etc. It is absorbed in the body due to hydrolytic reaction when the material is broken down.

Polyglactin Suture

It is a type of synthetic suture absorbable in nature known for its superior qualities. The suture is replaced by the catgut sutures and is composed of copolymer made from 90% Glycoside and lactide. It is a violet-colored suture causes minimal tissue reaction.

The suture is also known for its tensile strength that is absorbed due to hydrolytic reaction. The needle types used are cutting edge, straight, round bodied, etc the surgical suture suppliers supply different types of sutures used for different types of surgeries. 

Poligocaprone sutures 

It is a monofilament suture that is absorbable and prepared from a substance known as copolymer of glycoside. This suture is known for its unique characteristics such as non-pyrogenicity, non-antigenic properties, and causes the minimal reaction during surgeries.

It is known for its high tensile strength also and can be broken down by hydrolysis.

Polydioxanone suture 

It is a non-filament suture prepared from polyester material known for its absorbable nature and tensile strength. This suture is also known for its retention and absorption rate. Known for its pliability and softness, can be broken down by hydrolysis. It causes minimal tissue reaction while known for its predictable absorption rate. 

Chromic Catgut nature 

The catgut suture is made of connective tissue that is sterilized causing moderate tissue reaction. The suture is known for its sterile strength and is dark-brown colored providing excellent tissue support also known for uniform absorption. Such sutures are used to perform surgeries such as ophthalmic, obstructers, gynecology, gastrointestinal surgeries, etc. 

The non-absorbable sutures made of different materials such as silk, nylon, polyester, etc. Such sutures are composed of protein known as fibroin. It is used to remove natural waxes and is known for its soft tissue formation. The surgical suture suppliers supply different types of sutures that are absorbable and non-absorbable and provide it to the hospitals.