What exactly is CBN (Cannabinol)?

The cannabinoids that turn into CBD after time are known for being less psychoactive and more sedating than THC. This is why you might find products with CBN in it, since this cannabinoid has been associated with a sleepy effect on patients who use older weed.

These types of edibles will probably make your day slower by providing relief from pain or discomfort while still giving off an earthy flavor profile some people enjoy when they smoke marijuana flowers without any added chemicals like pesticides. However, CBN does have some unique benefits that make it worth considering for your devine health and wellness regimen.

The 1975 study showed that CBN enhances the sedating effects of THC in rats but these animals were also given a drug called THC, so it’s possible they experienced even more drowsiness than usual.

The UNODC tested the potency of cannabis and found that after four years, it had lost half its original THC content. As you might expect with such a degradation process occurring over time especially when stored improperly -the study also uncovered some interesting findings about how this affects our endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

According to a Wellington marijuna doctor, the potential benefits of CBN are endless, with research currently being done on this miracle supplement. With only a few studies demonstrating its effects in humans so far the list will continue to grow.


MRSA and other bacteria are becoming increasingly drug-resistant. In lab settings, CBN was found to be an effective antibacterial agent against these resistant strains  but more research needs to be done before we can say if this will work in actual infections or not.


Researchers found that CBN was able to delay the onset of ALS, which is exciting because human studies need to occur before we can make any conclusions. This suggests this treatment could be powerful against neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Appetite Stimulation

The research showed that CBN increased the amount of food rats ate, suggesting it could be an effective appetite stimulant. This means this natural substance may help those who need to gain weight but don’t like psychoactive effects like THC do.


One study found that CBN and THC reduce intraocular pressure—the biggest risk factor for glaucoma. Additional research is needed, but so far it hasn’t been shown to be superior with other treatments available on the market right now either.

Pain Relief

CBN is an ingredient that can be found in many pain relief products. It helps manage and reduce chronic or acute pains by acting on sensory nerves to release peptides which activate a different nerve mechanism than THC or CBD but still achieve similar ends of relieving your discomfort without having any psychoactive effects.


More research needs to be done on this, but it’s promising. It may end up being an incredible help for those who are suffering from arthritis or any other type of painful condition that causes them great discomfort and sadness in their daily lives.

Is CBD Really Effective In Helping You Sleep Better?

The cannabis plant has been used for sleep disorders since ancient times. Sleepy weed, or CBN as it’s sometimes called in dispensaries, is thought to provide relief from insomnia by acting on brain receptors that reduce anxiety and promote relaxation without inducing feelings of drowsiness or euphoria like other common medications do. Use of CBD and MMJ for anxiety is also common.

 Recently there’s even started being products marketed at our state-operated pot stores which contain this non psychoactive chemical with sedative properties but does anyone know anything about its effects? 

The only study done on humans dates back decades ago when researchers conducted an experiment where participants reported feeling less tired after taking some capsules containing calcium carbimide  overnight so if you’re looking into using any supplements.