Mental Health

Why Teenagers Today Are In A Dire Need Of Counseling

Keeping aside all the hormonal imbalance they are dealing with at the moment. They are also surrounded with-

  • Peer pressure.
  • Mood Swings.
  • Starting of their periods.
  • Academic pressure.
  • &
  • This constant need to always look good and uphold confidence.

Thus, you can understand the constant pressure they are in. This is the perfect time to introduce psychological counselling to them.

Teenagers generally ask for help from their friends. Who, alas, are in the same boat as them, and they cannot give any better advice. Now, they are not very confident in speaking about these issues with their parents because they are afraid of judgment and criticism.

However, with a counsellor, they can be free from their fear of judgment. Plus, a counsellor is someone who will always guard their secret.

How To Get Teenagers To Agree To Therapy

If your teenager is not happy with the idea of therapy, then this is what you need to do.

– Give your teen the ownership because, without that, you will just be forcing them.

– You need to accept the idea of therapy first. Therefore, if you haven’t taken therapy before, go for your first appointment and experience the entire process. Without this, you wouldn’t be able to endorse them properly.

– Explain to your teens about therapy and why they should be excited about it.

– Introduce them to the idea of therapy before anything distressing happens.

– List the symptoms which your teenager might be dealing with and talk about these to a professional. Ask their suggestions if you still are unable to help the situation. Some of the private counselling services in Singapore can be of great assistance.

Reasons For Counseling For A Teenager

Here are some of the common reasons why we need to get our teenagers to their first therapy session.

1. Isolation

Teenagers are well known for isolating themselves. They will barge into their room, shut their door, and most of them have an obnoxious sign on their door saying ‘do not enter.’

This is because teenagers are always in this illusion that no one will understand them. This is nothing but the deep-seated fear of being judged. Their childhood is being ripped off from them, and all that is left are these new feelings and sensations they are unable to comprehend.

This is actually the perfect time to introduce them to the concept of therapy. Telling them that there is a professional who will listen to them with a neutral viewpoint and no judgment.

2. Substance Abuse

This is a very unfortunate scenario, but substance abuse is very common among teenagers. They are in the most gullible age where anything their friends say is ‘set in stone’ true.

They are also under a lot of peer pressure, and doing certain substances is like the small price they are paying to get an entry to the ‘cool group’ or protect themselves from the serial bullies.

3. Academic Stress

This is nevertheless the biggest stress they have to deal with. Some might think it is the normal life of a teenager, and there is nothing to do.

But, you do not know how much a student can be helped with weekly counselling about their academic stress. They will be able to distress a lot of their worries and anxious thoughts about exams and further education, which a parent or a teacher might not always be able to help with.

4. Age-Related Stresses

This is a very complicated age. One moment, you are on top of your self-esteem, and in the next moment, you have one break out on your face before a big day, and everything shatters.

They are dealing with constant peer pressure, trying to avoid the peering and judging eyes, all the while trying to gain attention from their opposite sex. Regular therapy is necessary to help them find practices that can boost their mental health.

5. Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues are something that starts to approach teenagers themselves. There have been many cases of depression and anxiety, and most of them are in the age group of 12-18.

On top of that, if they have dealt with trauma like bullying, sexual assault, extreme substance abuse, or a lot of parents, therapy is no longer an option; it is a necessity.

Get Them Their First Appointment Today!

If your teen is yet to get their first counselling either, check whether their school has one. However, not all teens are comfortable with going to their school counselor. Therefore, you should book them their first appointment before it is too late.