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Swimming is so healthy with Lifeguard Training

Swimming is relaxing for the body and mind.

Anyone who swims regularly can attest to that. Swimming is, just like walking, running, and cycling, counted among the so-called ‘endurance sports’ and is therefore very suitable for people who want to lose weight. People often opt for sports such as fitness or hockey to achieve this goal, but those sports mainly provide combustion of carbohydrates with Lifeguard Training.

That’s why swimming is so healthy

Endurance sports are much more suitable for burning fats. However, swimming offers us many more advantages. Exercising on dry land demands a lot from our muscles, while the muscles can relax during movements in the water. It is not without reason that rheumatism patients benefit greatly from swimming. In addition, stiff muscles function much better when we are in the water. This also applies to our joints, which are much less stressed in the water than on dry land. That is why swimming also relieves pain.

swimming exercises

It is also not unimportant to build up a better condition by doing swimming exercises. Regular laps in the pool increase the breathing capacity, the swimming speed, and the recovery time needed to bring the body back to rest after completing the effort. In addition, scientific research has shown that someone who goes swimming while recovering from an illness can recover twice as fast as someone who does not swim. Not only our body but also our mind experiences the benefits of swimming.

swimming pools

If you suffer from stress and/or tense muscles, it is advisable to go swimming for some time on a regular basis. After a visit to the pool, we experience a feeling of relaxation. It is, therefore, no coincidence that almost all sauna and wellness complexes have one or more swimming pools. Those who like to combine swimming with other forms of exercise can enjoy aqua jogging, a form of fitness training in which walking exercises are alternated with muscle-strengthening exercises to music. Nowadays, Lifeguard training programs are also offered that explicitly focus on calorie burning in the water, often using uplifting music from Latin America. But even when doing ‘normal’ laps, an average adult burns about 570 calories in an hour.

Boost your health with an ice bath

Experience the primal power that lies deep within Many things happen in your body while taking an ice bath.
• You give your health a boost
• You train your circulatory system, muscles, and hormones to get super fit in top condition
• You get a major boost, both physically and mentally, so that you radiate self-confidence and get more done
• The cold training makes you complete in the here and now, the control of your breath allows you to do this. In nature or in your own garden You can choose to find a lake yourself or go into the sea. Many people nowadays purchase their own ice bath or turn a Stock Tank into an ice tub.
Whatever choice you make, it will give your body a huge boost.

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